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Custom Dry Cleaning


We are no ordinary Drycleaner. As a Certified Professional Drycleaner, we understand that exceptional garments require exceptional care. Not only do we recognize designer and couture garments, but we have the fabricare knowledge to protect your investment.


Hand cleaning and hand ironing are an instrumental part of our process. Suits and ties receive rolled edges. Garments are soft pressed to minimize the possibility of shine and line impressions and all garments are hand ironed. Natural fibers and delicate fabrics such as silk, velvet, cashmere, linen, and organza receive extra gentle cleaning and drying.


We take our responsibility to our clients very seriously. As a measure of our commitment and success in fabricare, Top Cat Cleaners is proud to be referred by the most prestigious retailers in Canberra and is the only dry cleaner in Canberra to be recognized by Harpers Bazar magazine.

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